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Hi! I’m Bree.

I’m a UX Practitioner & Product Design Leader in Chicago.

I approach design challenges by looking for ways to blend what people and businesses need into great experiences that create meaningful results. The best way to do that is to talk to real users often, strive for quality, and test solutions frequently.

Solve Real Problems

Making something that’s usable is always a prime concern … but is it useful? Am I making someone’s life better or easier?

Explore the Issue

Unpack the challenge and the goals. Take the time to generate team-wide understanding of the challenge and your users.

Dream of the Best

In a goal-oriented business, it can tempting to aim for a closer target. Incremental results don’t win hearts and minds, though.


Concept with Gusto

Concepts are easy to generate and discard. Like many designers, “What if ..?” is my favorite question.

Iterate Iterate Iterate

It’s always hard to see your favorite concept fall flat, but that’s how we learn. Set aside your ego and follow the feedback.

Love Your Job

Life’s too short to dread going to work each day. Besides, happy teams produce great work — it’s as simple as that.

It’s Been a Fun Ride!

Years Experience

Successful Launches

Users Interviewed

Concepts Rejected

Chicago Design Community

Design Systems recently hosted the Chicago Design Systems Meetup, sponsored by and InVision.

UX Book Club also recently hosted the UX Book Club’s discussion of “Bottlenecks” by David C. Evans. Mmmm … stimulating!

Creative Mornings

Who wouldn’t love talking shop over coffee? Facilitated by fellow former Razorfish alum, Jen Marquez-Ginn. 

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

Testimonials and Brand Experience

I’ve come to recognize Bree as a strong leader, a talented product designer, a motivator and a great friend. He’s extremely passionate about his work and uses that passion to energize everyone around him.

Nitin Oberoi, Director of Product Management @ FourKites, Inc.

He’s industrious beyond the ordinary and he strives to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Kosta Kripintiris, ACD-UX @ RightPoint

Bree is equal parts pressing and practical. He is able to drive his peers towards innovative approaches while fostering an environment of understanding and agreement.

Michael Heinley, Principal Product Manager @

Contact Me

Please connect with me on LinkedIn.

We can have a nice chat.