Delos Corp

What is Delos Corp? We don’t really know, but they have specific interest in the transhuman experiments being conducted. The entire facility is a Delos facility housed in the ruins of an older Delos facility. Here’s everything said about their corporate overlords:


  • “This place is one thing to the guests, another to the shareholders, and yet another to management.” – Theresa, ep1 , 36 minutes
  • The Old Delos HQ Lobby is shown when taking hosts to Cold Storage. It looks ruined. See more in my bit about William and Logan’s world.
  • On the topic of Arnold, Ford says to Bernard, “My business partners were all too happy to scrub him from the record, and I suppose I didn’t discourage them.” S1E39m
  • Episode 6, 27 minutes. Theresa is videoconferencing with a group of men speaking to her in Mandarin. Translated, it means something along the lines of “Ms. Hale is there, we trust there won’t be any more delays.”
    • Ep7 47min, Theresa states that Delos owns everything, and specifically mentions the hosts minds and all archived data going back 30 years.
  • And just after that, “do you really think the Delos Corporation’s interest here is limited to tourists playing cowboy?”
  • I also think it’s ok to assume that Delos is after more than simple profit, and has government or military ties. Or they are the government. Cold Storage is on the 82nd sub basement and is restricted access. Only places described as installations or facilities have that kind of setup. Even if it is all apocalypse-like.
  • There is also a broadcasting stage. Hmm. Need a screenshot.
  • If you follow an exchange with Teddy in Episode 8, “You speak like you own this world.” and MiB replies“Not just this one. I’m a god. Titan of industry. Philanthropist. Family man, married to a beautiful woman. Father to a beautiful daughter. I’m the good guy, Teddy.” The MiB just implied that he’s basically the ruler of the world he comes from. The one where William married into power and usurped an empire, and went into The Maze as The Man in Black. That would be Delos, and whatever the details, they seem to own the world.