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Whether you’re F2P or Dolphin/Whale … you’ll want to plan your spending very carefully.

  1. Purple crystals are the real currency
    • It’s cheaper to buy gear from the store than spend money on energy refreshes.
    • Arena rank yields good purple crystals.
    • You get the fewest of these for free. Hoard them. Spend rarely.
  2. All other currencies have utility, though.
    • Save up if there’s no character or gear that’s immediately useful to you.
    • Don’t buy “just because”
  3. You can’t chase every meta (update, gameplay quirk, new characters)
    • You can go every other, but you may feel the pain of defeat in the arena (for a while)

How mods work

  1. Almost always, your arrow should have a speed primary. Very few exceptions.
  2. Don’t waste money on anything that’s not 5 dot gold.
  3. Set bonuses & primaries are pretty simple, easy, on-the-rails kinds of choices
  4. Secondaries are the difference between success and failure


This mod guide is also in my tracker sheet

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