The Consciousness Pyramid

The pyramid is just a different metaphor for consciousness and the journey of self. It doesn’t matter that Arnold and Ford conceptualized the pyramid a little differently, it just serves to show how our understanding of concepts can change over time or differ from person to person.

Arnold’s pyramid has three levels, which he labels Memory, Improvisation, and the third is unknown. Later he abandons this conceptualization in favor of the maze, a metaphor he finds more fitting.

Shown in Episode 3, Ford’s pyramid has four levels, which he labels Memory, Improvisation, Self Interest, but he does not name the final step. Instead he cryptically says, “We never got there.” Ford never completely abandoned the pyramid, using it and the maze in his narrative.

We’ll find climbing, rising, and ascension as a metaphor for the path to enlightenment in WestWorld.

Automated Personal Finances

The crux of this is exceedingly simple: calculate how much money you need to pay bills, save for goals, and have some spending money (in that order). Then, automate as much of this as you can with your bank’s online tools, mostly with an eye towards taking yourself out of the equation.

Using an automated, digital version of the Envelope System has a number of benefits that will completely rock your world. You’ll experience a joyous freedom from worry about money, a strangely increased purchasing power, and an increase in your quality of life.

How it Works



First steps

  1. Do The Math
  2. Split Your Paycheck
  3. Safety Measures
  4. Savings Goals
  5. Spending Money
  6. Beyond: Retirement
  7. Beyond: Investing